The Highest Expense of Owning a Car is no Longer Fueling

Just like a car, the most difficult part of having a child is not giving birth to one. History, statistics as well as rumor if I may include it have it that, the most difficult part comes after the child is born. You know, you’ve got to deal with the entire good things and the bad ones that come along with it. The child will need education, quality education for this matter as well as feeding, for a very considerable period of time. Now, a friend of mine used to joke that a car has most if not all of the characteristics of a human being. But to some extent I too do consider that to be true. Well then the most difficult part of owning a car is not buying one, this you can get via a bank loan pretty easily. But the bank will not fuel or pay insurance for it. Fueling is one of the biggest problem and most people have been looking on how to get their hand on high mpg cars that can help save on cost. Now high mpg cars or high mile per gallon cars if you like come in several versions. These are discussed here below with various suggestions as well.

The high mpg cars come in form of those that use diesel, or petrol which belong to the gasoline category. Aside from this, there are those that use electricity; I gather that you may be wondering how electricity cars can be ranked either as high mile per gallon cars or not, we will get to that in a moment so stay put. To stir it up a bit, there are even those cars that are considered to be hybrid; these are cars that use either electricity or gasoline. In other words, they are capable of using both types of fuel.

To start off, you need to know how this rule works; it is pretty simple, the higher the mpg or miles per gallon, the more the car is fuel economy. By being fuel economy means that the car does not spend a lot of fuel per mile. This is economical in the sense that you end up saving al lot of bucks that could have otherwise been unnecessarily spent. High mpg cars that use electricity need to undergo a certain process where by the elasticity used is converted into gallons; only after under going this process, then the car can be ranked as either a high mpg car or not.

There are a number of examples of these high mpg cars just in case you wanted to go shopping. For gasoline cars, some of them include: Honda CR-Z, Scion iQ, Hyundai Sonata among others. On the other hand, a good example of an electric type is Nissan leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV. These cars will definitely save you a lot of expenses and hence eliminating a part of the obstacles involved in owning a car. Hybrid cars on the other hand include such cars as Chevrolet volt, which serves as very good example for this matter. The car uses both electricity and gasoline and therefore in calculating the mpg, the electric consumption has to be converted into gallons of gasoline in order to come up with the combined consumption for ranking.

Many people do feel that perhaps this age of high mpg cars has be long overdue due to the point in time that the invention was made. But it wouldn’t be fare to say so considering that the cost of oil has only started sky rocketing in the recent past. Not long ago, a gallon of barrel of oil cost less than $50, not to compare with the current price that approaches $200. It is in deed at this time we re-echo the saying that goes, necessity is the mother of invention not to discount the wisdom of the inventors though. In my own opinion, I think the invention of these high mpg cars could not have come at an appropriate time especially the hybrid and the electric cars. It would have been unimaginable to continue relying on a non-renewable source of energy for the rest of our lives to cater for all automotive locomotion.

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